Architectural Plan - Bioclimatic Project Design

Our specialized design department, along with our fully trained teams, can implement any architectural plan you desire. Initially, we require the site details (topographic plan) from the architectural/civil engineering department. You have the following options:

– Provide your own architectural plan.

– Create an architectural plan in collaboration with our architect and supervising civil engineer, with your guidance.

– Choose a ready-made architectural plan from our company’s proposals.

With a well-equipped executive and administrative staff, we execute every architectural style and design without any limitations. Some indicative types of residences implemented by Androulakis Construction include:

– Single-story Prefabricated Structures

– Single-story Prefabricated Structures with Attic

– Two-story Prefabricated Structures with Attic

– Three-story Prefabricated Structures

– Three-story Prefabricated Structures with Attic

– Multi-story Prefabricated Structures (3 floors and above)

– Hotel Construction

– Hotel Accommodation Construction

– Office/Commercial Space Construction

Our company specializes in constructing homes based on bioclimatic design principles. Bioclimatic design aims to adapt buildings to the natural environment and local climate, seeking to minimize energy consumption, achieve low energy requirements, energy independence, and low usage and maintenance costs without compromising the comfortable living conditions of users.

We design and implement each residence to work in harmony with the climate rather than against it. In an open field, the possibilities are significantly greater. Taking into account factors such as:

– The best view direction.

– Directions of bothersome or beneficial winds.

– Natural ventilation.

– Sun exposure throughout the day.

– Microclimate of the area.

– Vegetation on the plot.

We provide:

– Building orientation for optimal results.

– Decisions on where to have openings.

– Decisions on where to have shading devices – shading systems.

– Advisory on the appropriate landscaping and preferred vegetation types at a later stage.

– Guidance on planting points.

– Installation of technology based on the type of residence, area, usage costs, and plot location.