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Armoured Door Frame

ECO 20

Technical Specifications:

– 8 fixed + 12 movable locking points.

– Galvanized sheet metal type DX 51 Z 140.

– Extra insulation at perforated points with expanded polystyrene.

– New regulator type with rollers for easy closing and anti-theft encounter to prevent burglary with identity.

– Fire bolts for optimal binding between the frame and the door.

– Lock with latch.

– Sliding airlock with easy replacement and repositioning, and additional air curtains for complete coverage of gaps.

– Locking pin for retention.

– Rubber with feather on the frame for maximum wind resistance and additional self-adhesive arucaflex on the door leaf.

– Partial opening function with the ability to block both sides of the door.

– Standard threshold at the bottom of the door.

– Heavy-duty hinges with height adjustment capability.

– Closed-type frame with scratch-resistant paint in RAL9005 NEOKEM with CODE: PP 300/9005/PM.

– Option to choose special dimensions.

– **Optional aluminum casing can be installed, which, in combination with the airlock and air curtains, perfects air permeability and water permeability.

Aluminium Investments

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