Building Permit Issuance

The issuance of a permit includes:

  • Architectural study.
  • Structural study.
  • Water Supply – Drainage Study (for buildings with a volume of over 800 cubic meters or more than one floor).
  • Thermal Insulation Study.
  • Fire Protection Study.
  • Gas Fuel Study.


In addition to the above studies, a series of documents are required, the collection of which is the responsibility of the engineer responsible for processing the Building Permit.

The building permit must be revised after its expiration and in the following cases:

  1. Change or resignation of the Supervising engineer on the project.
  2. Change of Title or name on which the license was issued.
  3. Modification of the Architectural or Structural study or other studies.
  4. Change of Use of the building.
  5. Increase in the Building Coefficient used during the issuance of the permit.
  6. Increase in the Volume of the building.

Revision of the Building Permit is not required in the following cases:

  1. For minor modifications to the Architectural study and local changes in the load-bearing structure of the building (and other studies) after the assessment of the head of Urban Planning.
  2. For changes in the dimensions of the building and the plot, provided that these deviations do not violate the building coefficient used during the issuance of the permit and the mandatory distances of the building from the boundaries of the plot. These deviations are not allowed to be greater than 2% of the lengths of the sides of the plot, with a maximum of 20 cm, and 2% with a maximum of 10 cm of the dimensions of the building.



  • Submission of Documentation and Architectural Study and Verification of compliance with general and specific urban planning provisions and specifications.
  • Submission of Structural study and other studies and Verification according to the specifications and regulations – Verification of taxes and payment.


Issuance Time: Within 45 days after the submission of a complete application dossier.

Cost: The total cost of the Building Permit includes the fees of the engineers for the individual studies and supervision, taxes, and contributions and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Validity Period: The building permit is valid for 4 years from the date of issue, and the demolition permit is valid for six months.

Social Security Contributions: Social security contributions to IKA for Mixed Construction or Double Wall Construction are reduced by 50% according to Table 2 of reduced contribution upon issuance of the Building Permit.