Construction Process of Foundation Base

Depending on the structural analysis and requirements, the foundation base is constructed either with general compaction (rammed) or with pile footings. Subsequently, according to agreements and needs, we can proceed with construction actions such as:

  • Construction of a simple foundation base
  • Construction of a basement
  • Construction of a plinth.

Foundation Stages

  1. Concrete Preparation

Before the foundation and marking, we create a bedding layer of quality unbonded concrete with a thickness of 10cm across the entire bearing surface of the foundations. This secures the concrete and reinforcement of the foundations from the corrosive action of the soil and achieves complete levelness.

  1. Marking of Foundation Elements

Marking of foundation elements according to the designs of the structural analysis.

  1. Construction of the Foundation Base

The foundation base is constructed either with general compaction (rammed) or with pile footings.

  1. Placement of Reinforcement

After the formwork process of the foundation elements, we place the reinforcement.

  1. Foundation Grounding

  2. Casting of Foundation – Filling of the formwork in basement construction.

We spread and compact the wet concrete within the formwork. In cases of extreme temperatures with very high or very low temperatures (freezing, heatwaves), no casting work is performed. The required strength of the concrete can be affected by prevailing weather conditions. Therefore, depending on the ambient temperature, admixtures are added to the wet concrete (accelerators, retardants of setting). Necessary reinforcements for the columns are left in the foundation base. The reinforcement of the concrete walls of the Smart Form system is then tied to these reinforcements.