Load-Bearing Structure

We have the necessary reinforcements in place.

We place starting guides (floor levelers).

Climbing insulated Smart Form molds are placed on the guides, which are connected with PVC spacers forming a rectangle with a width of 20 cm, reinforced with B500c steel according to static requirements.

Concrete is then poured with vibration, forming a doubly insulated solid wall of uniform thickness.

Externally to the insulated Smart Form wall, a layer of acrylic adhesive is applied.

Then, an anti-alkaline mesh is placed, followed by another layer of acrylic adhesive and a base plaster.

Finally, we apply fiber-reinforced, acrylic, silicone-based plaster.

Internally to the insulated Smart Form wall and after the completion of electrical and plumbing installations, Knauf plasterboard with a thickness of 12.50mm is screwed on.