Proper Selection of a Building Plot

Points to pay particular attention to when buying/selecting a building plot/agricultural land: 

1. Emphasis on whether the plot is fully and constructively developable.
2. Knowledge and control of building coefficients, coverage, height, etc.
3. Information/knowledge of the permitted use of the plot (residential, commercial, etc.).
4. Checking if there are power lines passing through the plot.
5. Verifying if the area has been designated as a forested area.
6. Checking if the water table of the plot is at a shallow depth.
7. Verification to ensure there are no high-voltage power lines passing through the plot/agricultural land.
8. Considering the slope and soil quality (uneven, inclined), as it affects the cost of foundation.
9. Checking property titles with a lawyer/notary.
10. Checking for possible pending decisions by the Ministry of Environment and Energy for the plot.
11. Weighing all factors such as the future value of the plot.