The seismic simulator applies vibration inputs to a structure where it has the basic characteristics of a real seismic event. We input the comprehensive data folder of the building as well as the geological characteristics of the land on which we will build and simulate the structural work to control both the earthquake resistance and static adequacy.

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Studies on the Structural Systems of Androulakis

After numerous tests on various constructions using state-of-the-art seismic electronic simulation systems, the Androulakis residence has acquired a specialized and exclusive assembly method that provides maximum seismic protection.

For each individually designed and implemented Androulakis residence, there is a study of static adequacy, virtual seismic simulation, and scrutiny of the construction, always in accordance with the required specifications and regulations.

Each Androulakis residence is a separate case, and for this reason, there is absolute control and determination of the method of assembly and reinforcement of the load-bearing structure, with complete scientific documentation.

Limited capabilities for realistic representation in the Greek area

Unfortunately, the only physical seismic bank in the Polytechnic School in Greece cannot accommodate a construction larger than one room. Therefore, any experiment conducted there essentially does not correspond to reality.

For this reason, as a company, we have chosen in the field of seismic analysis to install a virtual seismic simulator based on American technology, simulating structural works of exceptional size in a seismic vibration state.

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Advantages of Virtual Simulation Systems

  • The assembly of the building, based on these studies, makes each Androulakis residence absolutely earthquake-resistant.
  • We simulate the actual project we undertake, not a standard of 6 square meters.
  • Upon completion of the static study and experiments in your electronic seismic bank, we provide you with the results in electronic format to ensure that the Androulakis residence you receive is thoroughly studied for your needs and can safely accommodate your dreams for many decades.
  • With the delivery of your home, you receive a static adequacy warranty.