Why Androulakis

Since 1984, we have been continuously investing in technological research and the restructuring of our infrastructure. For 37 years, we have been evolving and improving our construction systems. We choose the finest materials under strict criteria, ensuring that the Androulakis prefabricated residence becomes a lifetime investment for you.

The goal of Androulakis, regardless of the project scale, is to exceed your expectations and bring your visions to life. Our capabilities include prefabricated houses, single-story or with an attic, detached or semi-detached, maisonettes, and additions to existing constructions. We also specialize in the construction of hotel units.

The building system accompanying the Eco Energy Home & Eco Passive Home technology of Androulakis features the best construction materials from the global market:

– Ecological Swedish and Scandinavian kiln-dried wood with natural insect repellent properties, without chemical impregnation.

– Moisture-resistant (Class 3) fully waterproofed OSB, providing excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, contributing to the building’s stability.

– Fully screw-fastened construction with TORX screws, ensuring exceptional mechanical strength and stability of our framework.

– Use of ecological natural mineral wool with Ecose Ultraccoustic Technology from Knauf.

– Graphite-Expanded Polystyrene without chemical additives, self-extinguishing, non-toxic, with a lifetime duration.

– Use of gypsum boards of natural gypsum from Knauf, following biological control.

– Application of acrylic thermal insulation, fiber-reinforced, elastomeric, with color in its mass.

  • – Timber: Swedish & Scandinavian Pine with increased anti-decay behavior, double the density of spruce, with mechanical strength in C24 class.

    – Extremely resistant, with excellent thermal and seismic behavior, compact, with high compressive mechanical strength, chemically unloaded, and certified.

Our scientific department developed a connection system to strengthen the load-bearing structure and create a fully seismic-resistant construction resistant to high stresses:

– Screw walling technology with TORX screws from the leading German company Wurth, preventing loosening of connections over time.

– Addition of a reinforced zone of composite glued wood beams around the perimeter of the walling.

– Reinforced zone above openings, with beams of composite glued wood, twice the length of the opening.

– Corner connecting blades in the walling.

– Special corner connecting blades in the walling with the foundation base.

– Use of special tape to cover the joints of the external walling.

– Use of breathable water-repellent membrane externally on the walling & vapor barrier internally.

All our walls are entirely constructed at the vertical production unit of our factory. The process involves:

– Wood cutting

– Wood assembly

– Screwing with TORX screws

– Framing (wall construction)

– Single-sided reinforcement with OSB

– Electrical installation (pipes – boxes)

– Integration of natural mineral wool insulation

– Double-sided reinforcement with OSB

– Inspection stage

– Storage for transportation

All wall constructions are built according to the structural analysis issued, individually for each residence, in accordance with urban planning regulations.

Androulakis Prefabricated Houses is the only company in the field that undertakes the construction of the foundation, basement, surrounding area, and all types of concrete work with the **GUARANTEE OF ANDROULAKIS**.

What this means for you:

– You are not burdened with contractor supplies.

– The responsibility for the project lies solely with the company and our supervising engineers.

The structural guarantee we provide covers the entire project and not just part of it.

Homes with a wooden framework exhibit high seismic resistance due to the advantages of wood as a material, its high mechanical strength-to-density ratio, and its elasticity. Wood allows for the absorption of seismic loads in the connections of the frame elements. Additionally, wood does not retain seismic memory, enduring continuous seismic vibrations with various accelerations (g: 0.5 to 0.9), making the residence fully earthquake-resistant.

Androulakis Prefabricated Houses has acquired a state-of-the-art electronic simulation system that checks the seismic resistance of each building individually. This personalized study, tailored to the construction specifications of each residence, is provided to the owner in electronic format.

With necessary provisions in the structural study of the load-bearing structure, all constructions can accommodate extensions horizontally and vertically.

Upon undertaking the construction of the building project, Androulakis Prefabricated Houses, along with its scientific collaborators (architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, designers), provides the following services:

– Urban planning research for plot construction conditions and clarification of the New Building Code (NBC).

**Through this process, we precisely determine the maximum construction allowed for the plot, the location of the building, its height, and any other urban planning procedures.**


– Architectural study and alternative proposals, based on the owner’s needs. Through this process and after consultation with the client, we analyze their spatial and facility needs, the architectural aesthetics of the building, the external and internal spaces of the residence, and any underground areas. Subsequently, all of the above, in combination with building regulations, are reflected in various alternative architectural proposals.

– Three-dimensional photorealistic rendering of the residence. This process visually represents the residence in three dimensions for a better understanding of its volume and perspectives by the client.

We undertake all necessary studies and procedures for the issuance of building permits with responsibility and consistency, whether it is a new construction or an addition to an existing building, etc. With appropriate training, technological tools, experience, and a reliable, integrated, and numerous design department, we cover a wide range of studies.

These include Topographical Studies, Architectural Studies, Structural Studies, Mechanical Studies, Heating and Cooling Studies, Fire Safety Studies, Natural Gas Studies, and Environmental Studies. We oversee the project from start to completion.

Houses made of concrete, with high aesthetics and quality, fully earthquake-resistant, at the lowest possible cost due to the vertical production unit and the speed of the ICF system compared to traditional brick constructions. With the ICF technology, we have reduced the construction completion time to one-third compared to outdated brick construction. This method allows for a larger initial cost until the first stage of the frame, but due to speed and vertical integration, we offset 50% of the labor costs compared to brick construction.

We simultaneously mold and cast each floor of the building, implementing columns-plate wall filling and an insulation system at the same time.

Once the final architectural design of the house is completed, the exact construction budget is determined.

Thanks to the organization and reliability of the company, the schedule for project delivery is established.

Androulakis concrete houses, with excellent organization, provide immediate solutions and proposals with specialized scientists, specialized crews, and artisans. This achieves the maximum exploitation of the time required for each project separately, resulting in the exemplary consistency of the company in the project delivery schedule.

Androulakis has the necessary expertise and experience in the construction of bioclimatic houses. Each bioclimatic house is built after a detailed study tailored to each case within the framework of the architectural study. Our experts in bioclimatic construction, including architects, civil engineers, and designers, provide unique solutions for each plot and meet the specific needs of each client. Basic principles for building a bioclimatic house include maintaining the correct orientation to utilize all sides, dimensions of openings for natural lighting and ventilation, shading systems, etc. The bioclimatic houses we construct meet high construction standards, and the materials we use are entirely natural, renewable, and from top manufacturers.

Androulakis Prefabricated Houses offers energy-efficient homes with exceptional thermal insulation properties that surpass the KEΝAK standards. Constructing autonomous energy-efficient houses, Androulakis ensures top-notch thermal, sound, and moisture insulation. Using high-specification thermal insulation materials, the houses achieve full energy efficiency with a thermal transmittance coefficient of the masonry up to 0.09 W/m²K. This results in energy consumption reduction of up to 80%, classifying them as energy-efficient up to Class A+.

Our privately owned manufacturing and exhibition spaces, along with our fleet of motorized and crane-carrying vehicles, allow us to handle large orders, enabling us to shrink construction costs and provide top-quality constructions at the lowest possible cost.

Androulakis Prefab Houses has integrated highly trained executive, labor, and scientific personnel within the company, as well as reliable representatives in Greece and abroad.

Our privately owned manufacturing and exhibition spaces, along with our fleet of motorized and crane-carrying vehicles, along with a stable factory workflow, allow us to handle large orders. This helps us reduce construction costs and offer top quality in our constructions at the lowest possible cost.

Androulakis Prefabricated Houses maintains close proximity to its clients even after the completion of the project. Our team ensures continuous communication with clients to address any future needs, providing necessary technical assistance.