Why Androulakis ICF

The Androulakis company, consistently at the forefront of conventional construction for 37 consecutive years, in Greece and across Europe, implements technologies dictated by green building practices. The main structural material for our conventional constructions is the innovative thermal insulation reinforced concrete mold, SMART FORM, in combination with PVC spacers, creating the top Nationwide Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) ECO SMART FORM SYSTEM.


The ANDROULAKIS ICF houses made of concrete, with the pioneering ICF Smart Form reinforced concrete mold construction system, revolutionize conventional construction. By using ICF Smart Form, it upgrades and modernizes the construction of conventional houses.

The unique thermal insulation mold that excels over all similar products on the market.

  • Higher density (38 kg/m3) providing greater mechanical strength during casting and vibration.
  • Longer length (1.20m) offering better alignment of walls and increasing construction speed.
  • Male and female parts for better fit between molds.
  • Large indentations on its inner side increase concrete adhesion and prevent insulation detachment from concrete.
  • Smaller indentations on its outer side for better adhesion of thermal plaster layers.

The ICF ECO SMART FORM SYSTEM allows us to simultaneously mold both sides, accommodating all reinforcement between the insulation for columns, beams, slabs, and walls with a speed of 8-10 days per floor for a 100 sqm house. The ECO SMART FORM SYSTEM remains in place and does not need to be removed like traditional formwork. We can immediately start molding each subsequent floor, as it is ready to be externally coated with acrylic thermal plaster.

The load-bearing structure and the masonry constitute a unified, compact, doubly insulated, conventional construction since the building is purely reinforced concrete C25/30, and casting is done per floor with unified concrete, columns, walls, and slabs.

Androulakis Prokat Houses is the only company in the field that undertakes the construction of the foundation, basement, surrounding area, and all kinds of concrete works with the WARRANTY OF ANDROULAKIS. What this means for you:

  • You are not burdened with contracting fees.
  • The responsibility for the project lies solely with the company and our supervising engineers.

The structural stability warranty provided by us covers the entire project, not just parts of it.

The main purpose of steel reinforcement is the resistance and stability of the construction, especially in cases of intense seismic vibrations. The B500c reinforcement steel used by our company is of Greek origin, of exceptional quality, with modern specifications, distinguished for its excellent strength, ductility, flexibility, and weldability, according to strict seismic regulations. The reinforcement steel (columns, ties, mesh) strengthens the load-bearing structure of the building and prevents concrete from breaking or cracking at critical points such as columns, beams, slabs, etc. Due to the high seismicity of our country, the structural study of the building is strictly followed, and in combination with the use of Androulakis’ thermal insulation mold, allowing us to have a purely reinforced concrete building, it makes the house fully earthquake-resistant, capable of withstanding continuous seismic vibrations with various accelerations (g: 0.5 to 0.9) and various directions.

ICF houses made of concrete, with complete freedom in architectural design, offer solutions that adapt to the building conditions of your plot, serve your needs, and always comply with new architectural trends.

With necessary provisions in the static study of the load-bearing structure, all constructions allow for extensions both in terms of footprint and height.

Concrete houses, with high aesthetics and quality, fully earthquake-resistant, offer the lowest possible cost due to the centralized production unit, and the speed of the ICF system compared to traditional brick constructions.

With the ICF technology, we managed to reduce the construction completion time by 1/3 compared to an outdated, brick-based construction, thanks to the speed of the system and our expertise. Hence, although there is a higher cost until the completion of the first stage of the structure, we offset 50% of the labor costs compared to brick construction due to speed and centralization. With the suit method, we mold and cast floor by floor of the building, while simultaneously implementing columns, filling wall construction, and thermal insulation system.

Once the final architectural design of the house is completed, the exact construction budget is determined.

Thanks to the organization and reliability of the company, the schedule for delivering the project is determined.

Androulakis concrete houses, with excellent organization, provide immediate solutions and proposals with specialized scientists, specialized crews, and craftsmen. This ensures maximum utilization of the time required for each project individually and results in the exemplary consistency of the company in the project delivery schedule of the residence.

Upon undertaking the construction of the building project, Androulakis Homes, with its scientific collaborators (architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, designers), undertakes and provides the following services:

Urban planning research on plot building terms and clarification of the New Building Regulation (NBR).

With this process, we know exactly the maximum building density that the plot can accommodate, the location of the building, its height, and any other urban planning procedures.

Architectural study and alternative proposals, based on the needs of the owner.

With this process, and after consultation with the client, their needs for spaces and facilities, the architectural aesthetics of the building, the external & internal spaces of the residence, and any basement spaces are analyzed. Then, all of the above, in combination with building regulations, are reflected in various alternative architectural proposals.

Three-dimensional photorealistic depiction of the residence.

With this process, the residence is depicted in three dimensions for better understanding of its volume and aspects by the client.

We undertake all necessary studies and procedures for the issuance of Building Permits with responsibility & consistency, whether it is a new construction or an addition to an existing building, etc.

Having the appropriate training, technological means, experience, and a reliable, integrated, multidisciplinary study department, we cover a wide range of studies.


Topographic Studies, Architectural Studies, Static Studies, Mechanical Studies, Cooling & Heating Studies, Fire Safety Studies, Natural Gas Studies, Environmental Studies

Project supervision from initiation to completion

Androulakis has the necessary expertise & experience in bioclimatic house construction.

Each bioclimatic house is built after a detailed study, individually for each case, as part of the architectural study.

Experienced in bioclimatic construction, architects – civil engineers – designers, who are integrated into our team, provide unique solutions for each plot and according to the unique needs of each client.

Basic principles for the construction of a bioclimatic house include maintaining the correct orientation to properly utilize all its sides, dimensions of openings for natural lighting & ventilation, shading systems, etc.

The bioclimatic houses we build meet high construction standards, the materials from which they are constructed are entirely natural & renewable, and bear the name of top manufacturers.

Energy-efficient prefabricated houses, with excellent thermal insulation properties that exceed the Building Energy Efficiency Regulation.

Androulakis prefabricated houses, builds Energy Autonomous houses, ensures top thermal, sound, and moisture insulation indices, uses high-specification thermal insulation, making the houses fully energy-efficient, with Thermal Transmittance Coefficient of the walling system up to 0.09 W/m2 K, achieving energy consumption reduction of up to 80%, classifying them as energy-efficient up to class A+.

Androulakis Homes has incorporated the necessary well-trained executive, labor, and scientific personnel within the company, as well as reliable representatives in Greece and abroad.

Our proprietary factory & showroom spaces, along with our fleet of motorized & crane vehicles, as well as steady factory flow, allow us to place orders for large quantities, thus managing to reduce construction costs and offer top quality in our constructions, with the lowest possible cost.

Androulakis Prefabricated Houses is close to its customers even after the completion of the project. Our staff ensures continuous communication with our clients, so they can meet any future needs, providing the necessary technical support.