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Welcome to your smart home!

ANDROULAKIS presents the best solutions and the most modern proposals for every need and requirement for you and your home.

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A smart home is a home that helps us live our lives as we desire and adapts to our behaviors. It provides significant information to each family member and simplifies their daily activities. With the wide range of products and capabilities of the FIBARO system, your home now takes care of your comfort and security.

At ANDROULAKIS, we believe that your home is the most important place in the world. Therefore, in collaboration with GEYER, we present a system that offers a comfortable, friendly, and safe environment.

An intelligent home is a place where many devices and systems communicate with each other. This means that you can easily manage all home devices, lighting, blinds, room temperature, alarm system, or irrigation by simply pressing a touch button. With FIBARO products, you have a complete and integrated system. The reliable and user-friendly central unit transforms your home into a smart one. Smart devices will take care of you and your loved ones. The full integration of all elements of the FIBARO System and its uniqueness give you complete control over your home and the freedom to create the right solutions you were looking for. A smart home is not just a place but also a way of life. It provides solutions to improve comfort, security, and time, money, and energy savings. The space must be friendly and meet the needs of everyone living in it. 

What can you do with the FIBARO system?

Anything you want.

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Why the FIBARO system from GEYER suits you perfectly:

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Introducing Geyer's Fibaro System